I’m Not Ignoring You

To everyone who has invited me to join their networks on Linkedin: I’m trying to accept, but for some reason Linkedin doesn’t want to add anyone.
And if you asked to Facebook friend me and I didn’t accept it’s probably because I haven’t the faintest recollection who you are. If you don’t jog my memory, I’ll continue to ignore your invitation (so I suppose that yes, I am ignoring you). And if I really don’t know you at all (you’re a friend of a remote friend, or you think we have common interests), please excuse me if I don’t add you to my already overinflated network. Or you could make a real connection with me, leaving comments now and then at the blog, please don’t email me — I’m drowning in email (that’s directed to people I don’t already know, not friends and relatives), that sort of thing.

1 thought on “I’m Not Ignoring You

  1. What a friend we have on Facebook? Akma, we have loitered in the same occasional processions at Trinity in Princeton, years past. Now that I’ve found your blog again that’s sufficient. (Is it even possible to withdraw a Facebook request?)

    You might like a visit to Holy Isle, off Arran, now that you’re in the neighborhood.

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