Remembering Ramsey

Bp. Pierre noted a remarkable story about Archbishop Michael Ramsey, which reminded me of an anecdote I can’t verify from the web — so I figured I’d blog it, to see if anyone corrects me.
As the story goes, the archbishop was visiting Nashotah House, where someone asked him the liturgical protocols for an archepiscopal visitation, to which Lord Ramsey (as I recall, allegedly, etc.) replied: “When I kneel, everyone kneels; when I stand up, everyone stands up; and if I’m very confused, I put my hat on.”

1 thought on “Remembering Ramsey

  1. He’s showing up all over the place these days- aol had a story about some coins and momentos connected with him being found in a river in Durham- I pulled a quote from “The Gospel and the Catholic Church” for my addition to the (endless) conversation about Rome’s recent gambit..

    One of my happiest memories of seminary was the SWTS/Nashota House when he was there- walking sidelines wrapped in a blanket- the humbliest of great men. And he signed my BCP…

    He’s reason enough to be grateful and confident in anglicanism..

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