Not Quite What It Seems

I was going to post a video of albino moose here today, in honor of my father-in-law (whom the kids know as “Pa Moose”), to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Pa Moose and Grandma Pat. Unfortunately, being of an incurably investigative frame of mind, I poked around for a while and noticed that some of the same images were being reported as originating in very different locations. That led me to the invaluable where — now pause for a moment, who would have thought that “albino moose” would require a Snopes search? I rely on Snopes frequently, and when I started this post, it would never have occurred to me it would end this way — it turns out that although someone somewhere took some photos of unusual white-haired moose, the moose involved are probably not albino, and they did not magically transport themselves, in the same poses, to several different states and provinces. It’s all a bit of a let-down.
But the point is — Happy Anniversary, Pa Moose and Pat! Congratulations on fifty wondrous years!

4 thoughts on “Not Quite What It Seems

  1. Until I saw the Government of Ontario website from the Snopes link I still didn’t believe the pics weren’t a hoax. I’ve never heard of a white moose before. How very odd.

  2. I received the “albino meese” from Betsey Grobe! I forwarded your post to her. By the way, Ted Sizer (my Godfather’s father), and well known educator, died. I will email the article to you as there were interesting pieces. Another trivia to do with him, his wife Nancy was in the same Boston hospital as I was having her first baby as I was having you!

  3. I’d post it anyway, and delete this post from your blog… But that’s probably why you’re you in Glasgow and I’m me in Jackson, Michigan. 🙂

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