Meaningless Rankings

The Times Higher Education has published its highly subjective (50% “reputational”) rankings of the top 200 universities in the world — and although such ranking are quite unreliable, I was pleased to see that my Masters alma mater is third in the world, my doctoral alma mater was 14th in the world, and that although the University of Glasgow is in 78th place, it’s accompanied by Carolina. And of course, this survey was compiled before anyone knew I’d be teaching here. I leave it to you to assess whether that will boost or sink Glasgow’s ranking.

2 thoughts on “Meaningless Rankings

  1. As I scanned the list of Canadian universities, I couldn’t help but notice how their ranking is different than our own highly controversial year Maclean’s magazine ranking of universities. My own University of Saskatchewan is rated higher than several of the universities on the list in Macleans yet doesn’t make the cut internationally.

    Then again, when my province’s chief export is hockey players and professional curlers, it may explain something.

  2. It’s no doubt the professional curlers! What a cartoon. Think good thoughts for Betsey Grobe this weekend. She will have a thyroidectomy this weekend.

    As to the universities list, grab a life-jacket and shoulder on!

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