Catch-Up Stromateis

Scott McCloud pointed to the very ingenious music video by Hold Your Horses for their single “70 Million.” He likewise pointed to a Spanish post that identifies all the references. Relative to both of these, I thought that he appositely observed that the video can have its effect even if you don’t recognise each visual reference, that the power of a certain tacit recognition works its effect apart from conscious awareness — but wither he changed the post, or I misremembered it. Either way, it’s what I think about (visual, verbal, auditory, gustatory) allusion, whether McCloud does or not.
Grace Baptist College has proudly declared that it will no longer teach its Bible students to read the Bible i the original languages. Not only is there no need, since God has provided the King James Version, but “[w]e believe Greek study has been and will continue to be the downfall of Protestant Fundamentalism.” I entirely support their conclusion, and if they want to take steps to prevent that — including not encouraging their students to read the Bible in any language other than Jacobean English — then bless their hearts, they should go right ahead.
• I do still expect someday to comment on polyamory, but this may be all the argument you need to the effect that polyamory is wrong.
• I know I have more backed-up tabs awaiting being blogged, but they must be on my browser at work. I am sure they are quite urgent, and I feel very strongly about them — whatever they are.

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