Preso Readified

I compiled the slide presentation for tomorrow; I’m much happier with it as a slide presentation than I was with it as a lecture-plus-handout. (I think that the slide presentation may have boosted the seminar’s receptivity to my talk at the Theology, Literature, and the Arts gathering a couple of weeks ago, too.) Anyway, now I have to get my sleep, make my way to Ediburgh/Waverly, Leuchars, and then St Andrews, give the presentation, and stumble back here in time to wake up Friday and give my lecture on 1 Peter. Will blog about the day once I return.

1 thought on “Preso Readified

  1. Enjoy the small grey town to the full – she is a place of joy and quiet magic. (Do you know her well enough to make sure of stopping at Fisher and Donaldson?)

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