Three Days And Three Nights

It seems as though it’s been weeks since Sunday; my best explanation involves the nasty affliction that seems to be bouncing among my Glasgow friends (second-best explanation is the bug that besieged Laura Harris-’s dad Doug). Either way, the explanation involves a high-impact infection that hit me at first in my throat, then with grave sinus congestion and headaches, hot and chilly flashes, and at last with a cough. (You’re too late; Vicky has already made the menopause joke).
I suspect I’d been holding this miasma at bay by sheer force of will (my will’s force is very sheer indeed) until the sermon be preached Sunday morning. During the latter parts of last week, I remember noticing that I wasn’t entirely confident I was thinking clearly about the sermon, and I’m not at all sure it made much sense. Pippa couldn’t understand it; Margaret said it gave her a helpful idea for her work using Hebrews; Doug and Carol said kind things about it, but they’re comprehensively generous and although I trust them unreservedly, I also know that generous people don’t always make the most vigilant critics.
After church Sunday, I started wobbling. My voice rapidly became squeaky-scratchy, and I felt just a little light-headed. The whole McVetty-Harris-Adam tribe went out to celebrate Carol’s 26 December birthday by catching the City Lit theater company’s performance of “The Wind in the Willows,” then enjoying a delectable dinner at Francesca’s. Happy birthday, Carol! It was a glorious afternoon and evening!
As the day lengthened, though, I felt more and more unwell. We packed and prepared for our sojourn in Ypsilanti, but I went to bed early. Monday I sat in the passenger side of the rental car, croaking and moaning and blowing my nose — I was great company for my sweetheart. It was terrific to see Nate and Laura Hope, and the bed in our hotel is comfortable, but I was a wreck, and poor Margaret could hardly sleep a wink.
Yesterday was suboptimal but OK, and we had a great dinner at Margaret’s home (Laura Hope (Nate’s fiancée)’s mother is named “Margaret” too), though I was still wobbling with congestion and squeaking with sore throat. I feared that last night would be a reprise of Monday night, but it played out differently; I coughed on and off, but no baking heat and minimal congestion. I mostly just had a hard time keeping hydrated, and occasionally coughing and needing to clear my head.
All of which leads up to today‘s report, which (I think) points toward nearly ordinary health (I haven’t tried my voice yet, but my head feels only slightly congested, and not especially achey). This evening, Josiah and Laura Harris- (who has been feeling fluey herself) plan to come up to Ypsi to unite the nuclear family for the first time since Si’s wedding. Looking forward to seeing everyone, and thankful that I’m feeling better!

2 thoughts on “Three Days And Three Nights

  1. 1. We weren’t just being nice. It was a most thoughtful sermon.
    2. Sorry your all too brief visit was marred by some nasty bug. Doug just returned from the doctor with antibiotics for a secondary infection. Hope you can successfully fend off your version before it comes to that. Preferably before you have to board an airplane.
    We sure had a great time with you all.
    Give our best to Nate and Laura Hope.

  2. I told Margaret that you should be wearing a mask before greeting so many uninfected! Maybe THEY should have been wearing the masks!

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