Hack, Hack, Déjà Dit

The embattled resistance forces of the cold/flu that has, ahem, plagued me for the past week or ten days has devoted all its infectious energies to the pulmonary front. I’ve been hacking and wheezing for several days and (especially) nights, now, and since I feel OK I’ve been loath to use meds to suppress the coughing. After last night, though, when both Margaret and Pippa were subjected to intrusive sound effects every few minutes, I’ve conceded the point and will allow myself some cough suppressant. Anything to get past this holdout symptom.
And in passing (hat tip to Alan Jacobs), Tim O’Reilly restates what has often been said before, and yet has gone unheeded. “Books give people information, entertainment, and education. If publishers focus on how those three elements can be performed better online and through mobile, innovation and business models will follow.” Yes, and that’s as everyone should expect it to be: business models will follow from the demonstration of an innovative, effective medium for publication. We can’t expect to succeed by constructing a business model first (or inheriting a model that depended on obsolete material circumstances of production), then turning it loose to attract customers and generate productivity.

3 thoughts on “Hack, Hack, <i>Déjà Dit</i>

  1. Andrew, did it occur to you to check with MD to be sure you don’t have an infection? Or bronchitis? Since it is now several days since you posted this, I trust you are better or on your way to the MD.

  2. @Mark: 😉

    @Mom: If it lingered a bit more, I would think so. Margaret sternly commanded me to take Mucinex for cough alleviation, though, and it seems to be working. If the cough persists, I will go to my GP here, I promise.

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