Back to Work

Well, a three-day hiatus is not a good thing, but at least I’m preventing it becoming a longer gap. Right now I’m working on a contribution to Daniel Kirk’s blog book tour in support of Jesus Have I Loved — But Paul? — I’ll cover Chapter Four on Thursday, and gearing up to make the manuscript-completion push for the long-in-the-making James commentary. After that, I’ll turn to essays on hermeneutics, returning to topics that I’ve written about here in the past; I have four or five on my mind, and I’ll try to blog about them as I write (so as to gain the benefit of my sharp-minded friends, to enlist such affirmation as I can, and perhaps to forestall some predictable criticism).
I like Daniel’s book a lot, despite the title. His general argument will ring familiar to students who’ve heard me lecture through Paul; we take different angles on some nuances, but the broad outlines are harmonious with one another. Once I get my formal contribution done, I may develop some of my quibbles further over here — but the overriding message I want to send is, ‘Great book, marvellous for congregational study or for student reading — very lucid, and very sound’.

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