Since I arrived here at Glasgow, I’ve been very good about keeping a written diary (= US ‘calendar’, ‘appointment book’). I was never this good with a PalmPilot, nor (surprisingly) with any Apple software solution (even though I always carry a smartphone and often my iPad). On the other hand, for these two-plus years, I’ve had my diary with me almost every working day.
I noticed that just now, when I was writing in some events that I might possibly want to attend despite my being on research leave (that is, ‘Pump Out Publications for REF Leave’). With so few scheduled meetings and appointments this winter/spring/summer, I may lose the habit of keeping an up-to-date calendar; it’s easy for me to tell myself that I’ll remember this or that date, or to not-look at my diary in the morning to make sure my day is clear. I’d like to stay timely and responsible, but… we’ll see.

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