That Time of Year

I’m giving my lecture on Fun Home again this year, only it’s two lectures this year because my one-lecture stint last year seemed overly compressed. (I know, I’m on study leave, but this is actually sheer pleasure on my part, and it’s stimulating for my imagination of projects that lie ahead.) I went over my Keynote presentation this morning, and it’s pretty good; I think I can reorder it a wee bit, add some parts here and there, and go forward without constructing two whole new lectures. If I can, I’d like to post the lectures here — we’ll see whether this would be too time-consuming, but it’ll be on my mind. At worst, I can plan to post the lecture pair after I finish with James.
In the course of taking a quick look at the interwebs for updates on the world of Fun Home, I noticed that Alison Bechdel will publish a book about her mother in May. I almost wish I didn’t know Are You My Mother? was forthcoming; I’ll be awfully impatient, the stakes will be high (can she recapture the density and intensity of Fun Home? Will she amaze her readers with something as different from Fun Home as Fun Home was from whatever we anticipated?). But wait impatiently I will, and maybe next year I’ll have a very different lecture to give!

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