Any Source?

I was about to quote John Kenneth Galbraith as having said (or written) ‘You can always get closer to the truth in fiction than you can in nonfiction’ — which I read somewhere and wrote down — but I can’t find the source online. Does it ring a bell, anyone?

3 thoughts on “Any Source?

  1. Thanks, David. I think the recent influx from ‘Brain Pickings’ may have triggered a minor uptick in quotations on Twitter, which in turn reminded me of several of my favourite truth/fiction quotations, one of which I can document precisely: Walter Mosely (the novelist), on NPR’s Radio Times, said ‘Fiction brings truth to history.’ (My records show Radio Times but before checking I’d have guessed it was Fresh Air.)

  2. The quote you’re looking for is: “You have the availability of truth in fiction that you do not have in the real world.” He was speaking about his novel “The Triumph.” Check it out in context here.

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