Not Exactly

Alas, yesterday went so well that I fell for the illusion that I was mostly better. I was up all day — no naps — and even stayed up later than I ordinarily do, without feeling tired. But I had some trouble falling asleep, and my phone dinged about an hour after I (at length) fell asleep with FB messages from several friends in the USA. It took some time to fall asleep again, then I woke a little after 3:00, took awhile to return to sleep, and woke up alert and ready to go at 6:30. The blustery winds may have made sleep more of a challenge. I will take some time to nap today.

On the positive side, yesterday was almost normal, I ate well, didn’t have sweats or deep chills — and during the night I had some hot spells but not full-on sweating, and some uncomfortably chilly intervals, but not the ‘how can I still be cold in a cocoon of hoodies, track suit, bathrobe, duvet, socks, and so on?’ deep chills.

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