Back On Air

I had a digital hiatus here for a week or so, as a problem at the server knocked the blog offline. Since I last wrote anything, I (a) pretty much got over the flu, (b) got a tiny bit of work done and had waves of anxiety over how little time is left to complete my remaining tasks, (c) have resumed light exercising, feeling very stiff and sore, (d) went to St Albans yesterday to do what I can to advance the cause of religious education among our nation’s young scholars.

I have remaining: (a) about 160 pages of translating, (b) revisions to an article under consideration, (c) a chapter-essay to write, (d) marking. This will not all be done by the end of my term’s leave, which is daunting and frustrating. Strong advice to colleagues: Avoid the flu when on leave!

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