COVID World, Day Forty

Moderate temperature, 9° with high humidity and high pollen, so my breathing was more laboured than under clearer conditions.The story this morning, though, was the time it took to limber up my legs, which were balky and achy for a longer interval than usual. Honestly, I never rally saw the point of ‘warming up’ when I was younger; it just seemed as if one were spending time not-exercising by doing the same sorts of thing that one was about to do as exercising. There’s a world of difference, though, between how my legs feel when I totter out the door at 6:30 to how they feel after ten minutes or so of stretching, of light intermittent jogging, and deep knee bends. At the same time, the nuisance factor of extra warm-up with harder breathing makes the whole endeavour more annoying than it had been when the air was clearer and my legs felt stronger. Anyway, kvetch kvetch kvetch, my mile was 9:50.

The day started with the Office (not The Office, though now I’m thinking about setting a sitcom in the context of a seminary observing daily prayer with the various students leading and reading in turn, and I see lots of possibilities; your people can get in touch with my people) and fruit breakfast, then back to Greer and Jowett. My slow reading hasn’t recovered as quickly as I’d wish; I’ll put that down to simmering COVID anxiety. When I encountered Greer’s mention of Dryden’s Religio Laici, I chased this particular hare and spent the rest of the day making a clean PDF of the first edition, as a memorial offering to my father’s doctoral studies on Dryden.

Margaret had a walk with Mel, then a long chat with Nate later in the afternoon. She whipped up a hearty soup for dinner, then Spooks.

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