COVID World, Day Thirty-Nine

Woke up to a crisp 8° — I’m not sure why it felt so cool (I think I even saw traces of frost on parked autos), but it skies were clear, fish would have been jumpin’ and the pollen was high. I could feel the slight difference in my breathing, so I wasn’t surprised that my mile wasn’t at peak rapidity: at least it was barely sub-ten minutes, 9:59.

The Office, then full breakfast. We were delighted to hear our friend Jenn leading and preaching for BBC Radio Four’s Sunday Worship; then I went on to more Greer, more Jowett. At lunchtime, we participated in Mass at All Saints Margaret Street. After dining, more Greer and Jowett, then Spooks and dinner delivered from Majliss, then Have I Got News For You and time to turn in.

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