COVID World, Day Twenty-Two

This marks three solid weeks we’ve spent in mostly-isolation (save mile runs, exercise walks, and at-distance talk with semi-visitors). On one hand, meh, it’s not so hard. I mean, we aren’t short of food or reading and viewing material, and we’re in jolly health. On the other, I do miss wandering, or stopping in at a shop and browsing, especially now the weather had turned pleasant.

My morning mile went smoothly. Warm-up was smooth (not as stiff or creaky as it’s been recently), the temperature was 11°, and the time was 10:07.

I spent the first bit of the morning reading and seeking out volumes from the Lives of the English Saints in The 19th-C volumes are bound together in unpredictable ways, but the early 20th-C edition from S.T.Freemantle is organised nicely. I’m putting these on the infinite list of works I’d like to work over for tidy digital reproduction.

Then — this being Maundy Thursday, ha-ha, you can’t slip that holy day past me! — I participated in the renewal of my ordination vows, and then the Maundy Thursday Mass from All Saints Margaret Street. Lunch, afternoon with more reading, then mindless web browsing, and now it’s dinnertime. Exquisite courgette pasta with asparagus, and then Spooks.

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