COVID World, Day 23 / Good Friday

Morning run was all right: 9:55, 10°, nothing very special. Today being a fast day, I had my minimalist breakfast of one apple and one tangerine, said my Office and set to reading Newman.

My hair is getting (for me) long. When I look in the mirror, my appearance reminds me of the passage in Jim Bouton’s Ball Four when he notes that his outfielder colleague Steve Hovley had attracted the nickname ‘Tennis Ball Head’ because his hair reminded his teammates of a fuzzy sphere (March 17, for those who want to look it up at home). I can’t illustrate this with a snapshot of Steve Hovley sans cap, cos baseball players aren’t usually photographed without their uniform, but trust me on this.

In the afternoon I read more, had a bit of a treasure hunt for lost items, and drafted a response to the editor with whom I’m corresponding about my monograph. Soup for dinner, and Spooks.

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