COVID World, Day Fifty-Four

Goodness gracious, 4° with gusting wind feels icy! That did not stop me from putting in a pretty good mile — yes, it may have provided a necessary motivation, since I came in at 9:34, but heavens to Betsy that was cold.
Fruit breakfast, then back to Legends of the Jews. It occurs to me that although this sort of exercise might be seen as eating into the monograph-specific research and writing I need to crack on with, at the same time it’s a productive endeavour that enhances my familiarity with this literature and keeps my mind awake, whereas succumbing to plague inanition dulls my mind and produces nothing. Thus I’ll push on ahead with Legends, and will turn back to the monograph and my book review and my article on James when those roil to the surface in my imagination.
But today was mostly devoted to Legends, and a good day’s transcribing it was. Topped off with leftover casserole and the concluding episodes of The Capture, a bit of HIGNFY, and early turn-in. After all, how much excitement can an old man take?

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