COVID World, Day 53

I woke up to a lovely morning, clear and mild (11°), and had a good run despite the medium pollen — 9:39. I said my Office and made a hot breakfast, listened to the Radio Four Sunday Worship commemoration of VE Day with that of Florence Nightingale. I had my hot breakfast, went to Most Holy Trinity, Wolverhampton, for Mass, and then devoted the rest of my day to working on a digital edition of Legends of the Jews (one with footnotes right in the text, rather than in an entirely different volume). I spent squandered some time scrutinising the auction pages for promising pens, and in the afternoon Margaret and I began the BBC series The Capture, which has us on the proverbial till we wrap it up tomorrow.
Margaret cooked a casserole with our copious vegetables from Bonner’s (they’re delivering during the lockdown), and Nate and Laura checked in later in the evening.

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