A Full Deck of COVID Days

Every morning I give myself permission to skip my morning run, but every morning I end up putting my socks and trainers on to go ahead. This morning dawned temperate, calm, 11° with medium pollution. My time was 9:51, but I felt as though I’d done better than that.
Saturday is grocery morning, so I did my biweekly shop. Margaret had her eye on some relatively niche items, and I feared that Sainsbury’s wouldn’t come up with them, but we only missed out the cashews (for cooking). (Not very exciting, but that’s a day on James Street under quarantine.)
I didn’t set out to be productive, but I advanced the cause of my book outline anyway. An order of new ink (Waterman Mysterious Blue and Diamine Oxblood) and several pads of paper came, engendering in me impatience to write at least one of my pens dry, so as to make it available for refilling in a new colour; and, I must admit, I spent some time hunting my pen sites for any vintage pen at a reasonable price (to no avail). Si, Laura, and Thomas called in at the end of the afternoon, and Margaret cooked a Garlic Vegetarian Scampi. We settled down to watch Vera, and that settled the day.

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