New Normal, Ninety-Five

It was raining heavily when I woke up this morning, so I was inclined to write off my morning mile. Morning Office, and some work on Legends. At about eight o’clock, though, the rain had paused long enough that I reckoned it worthwhile to run the mile, though I took it at a very slow pace (and I didn’t even remember to start my timer until I was well into the run, so I decided simply to forgo timing altogether). On my return, I prepared hot breakfast, Margaret and I waited for and prayed with morning Mass at Most Holy Trinity Wolverhampton (and were thrilled to observe that the varied audio problems that have beset Fr Damian have been resolved — perhaps all he needed was a lightning strike). The afternoon was all Legends all the time, apart from a wee nap I permitted myself midafternoon. Margaret prepared quinoa balls and broccoli with savoury almond sauce for dinner, and we wrapped up our palaeontological film festival with The Fallen Kingdom.

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