Confined in a Window

David Weinberger used to emphasise the extent to which the internet (as it was) conveyed the sense of being a place. We should talk about that again some time — but the overwhelming feeling I get from what we’ve come to know as ‘social media’ involves the flattening of the spatiality of the Net.

This comes to mind because after my morning run, Morning Office, Mass for St Theodore of Canterbury, and a hurried hot breakfast, I spent the day in an all-day (on-and-off) Zoom meeting of the Sodality. There was much of value in the meetings, and it’s always a good thing to gather with colleagues in orders, but I experience protracted Zoom-based interaction as extremely uncomfortable, confining.

Between two of the sessions, Margaret and I made a dash to Pens Plus on the High, where the new (well, not new new, he’s been there about a year, but newer than the former proprietors) will give a couple of my pens a once-over. The new owner is positively genial, some what more affable and out-going than were the previous owners, and I may send a succession of pens through to him.

After the Sodality residential, we had an early-ish dinner and watched the concluding episodes of Watchmen, with an interval where we visited with Thomas, Si, and Laura. Thomas is great; Watchmen was quite excellent too, I thought.

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