The New Normal

This is a half year for Coronaposting for me, so it seems a good point at which to leave off the ’Rona-based titling. Things have changed, and they’re not done changing, and by the time anything settles down (hint: not before Brexit and an effective vaccine, so far as I can tell) things will be different enough that it will make little sense to think of Life Before COVID-19 as ‘normal’ in any sense. That’s how it was; now we’re learning how it will be.

This morning, my whole body resisted the idea of running. Indeed, not just the idea, but the execution of running gave offence to my legs, back, even my shoulders, and my mood was none too cheery, either. A mile and a half came and, eventually, went, then the Morning Office and various online errands. Margaret met a furiously intense deadline yesterday, so to celebrate she took me out to Rick’s for breakfast.

After that, I devoted myself to working on Ambrose for a while, doing some other odds and ends, some communication, and before you know it the afternoon was winding down. Pizza and Watchmen.

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