Workers of the World, Unite

On International Workers’ Day, the Memorial of St Joseph the Worker, I’m observing (a week or so early, but the dating is irresistible) the first anniversary of my former employer calling me to a meeting and telling me they wanted a divorce. It’s also May Morning in Oxford, which means that this morning at 5:00, 8° and cloudy skies, I ran my morning two miles weaving between drunker all-nighters and unaccustomed early risers crowding the pavements on their way (the pedestrians’ way, not the pavements’ way, though the pavements do go straight to the bridge, so…) to Magdalen Bridge to hear the choir sing praise to the Holy Trinity from the tower of Magdalen College. On the running front, the result was surprisingly satisfying (didn’t feel great, but can’t complain about the outcome). I had been considering a day off running to avoid the throngs, but the force of routine won out.

On the work front, I have an interview coming up for a non-remunerative job (‘House for Duty’, a Church of England way of keeping clergy sheltered in retirement); awkwardly, that comes up before several other salaried posts consider my applications. We will see.

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