Discouragement and Endurance

Runs yesterday and today, 7° and 6°, adequate pace though a bit… weary.

Tomorrow is May Day, the international version of Labour Day, and my notional anniversary of being told that I was to be made redundant. Further, I got some job discouragement this week: a couple of rejection letters. And what’s even more frustrating than being rejected, they mean that I have to keep on pouring energy into a black hole of unproductive self-selling until something turns up. One can’t just say, ‘You know me, you know I’m good at X, Y, and Z, just put me to work…’ I’ll keep at it — no choice, really — but my heart is cracked by this experience, and if my [prospective] unemployment continues much longer, it will be broken.

2 thoughts on “Discouragement and Endurance

  1. Feeling for you in these days and months AKMA. I can’t offer you much wrt to the job search but know I’m a faithful witness of your heart these days. Prayers offered and hey if you just want to hang out sometime drop me an email.

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