Stern Sunday

Ran my (leisurely) 1.7, prayed, off to church, groceries on the way home, perfect hot breakfast, did some Duolingo lessons, now setting to work at the four small marking tasks I have. It would be a great thing if I could knock them off before I go to Oriel tonight for Evensong.

Our placement ordinand (or perhaps they’re just an aspirant) stopped me this morning after Mass to say, ‘Father, I hear you’re preaching at Mansfield soon…’ I was thunderstruck; I suddenly remembered that Fr Nathan had asked me to preach at Mansfield sometime this term, but I had absolutely no idea when. For all I knew, I might have missed the day altogether. When I got home, I looked up the date and was relieved to se that it’s Wednesday — time enough to come up with a sermon on Hell (which topic Fr Nathan chose just for me — whatta guy!).

1 thought on “Stern Sunday

  1. Welp, the dogs have colonised my lap, so that’s not going to happen. Got one done, though.

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