Well, That’s Something New

This morning, halfway into my morning run, a car pulled over beside me and began harassing me — ‘Hey, what you doin’?’ ‘Hey moron, what you doin’?’ The first few times I answered, ‘I’m running,’ ‘It’s healthy’, but the driver (wearing high-viz vest) just persisted, rolling along, keeping pace with me, weaving out to avoid parked cars and then back to the kerb to shout at me more.‘Why you not answering me? Can’t you talk?’ He followed me that way from the halfway mark for a half mile or more, shouting the same refrains for no evident point. I neglected to get his number plate, but if he returns, I certainly shall.

Apart from that, a normal start to the day. Margaret and I will go to Rick’s for a while; after that, who knows what wild business we may get up to?

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