We’re Here

I woke up this morning in a town in which I’ve never woken up before (unless you count possible dozing during previous visits).We’re in a house that is, in the classic formulation, larger on the inside, although just now it’s congested with boxes and out-of–place furnishings. We lack some desirable furnishings, and the specific arrangement of the rooms we’re currently using remains to be ascertained, but we’re here, and we’re home.

No run this morning, and I’m not sure I’ll get back to Oxford for the Act of Remembrance at Oriel, or the New Testament Seminar (a lot depends on how the morning goes). It’s chilly and rainy this morning, so the possible walk/run that I planned — more of an exploration of a possible route than a straight-ahead run — seems imprudent. No, first attention this morning goes to unpacking and rearranging and so on. We’re here, but we’re not really here here till our home turns more from boxes to a more or less orderly (less) settled life.

As you are probably worried primarily about Flora and Minke, they were increasingly manic and anxious as it become clear that we were leaving Headington, but they seemed at least a little calmer here last evening, and they slept soundly.

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