Last Night

I gather from the planner-in-chief that tonight we expect to sleep in Abingdon, so this makes the last night I will have slept in Headington (for the time being), the last 1.7 I’ve run in Headington (almost certainly), the last time I’ll catch the number 8 or 280 or 400 in to Oxford from Headington. It cuts a half hour or so from travel from our flat to the house (in the sense that it’s about a half hour (between waiting for the bus traffic in St Clements and through the Brookes campus) between Headington and Carfax, where we pick up the X3 to Abingdon). And we will wake up in Abingdon, where I don’t have a running route nor are we regulars at any café, curry, or pub. At least I know which church I’ll be going to.

Yesterday I trundled from Headington to Abingdon, moved some boxes around, opened some boxes, decided not to open other boxes, and put things together. It was tiring, especially granted the hour of transport and the lack of food and drink in Headington. Today will have a lot more unpacking and moving things about.

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