Yesterday was a marathon. I know it must be hard for the applicants, having just a few minutes to make a positive impression on interviewers for admission to your top-choice university. We interview two or thee times as many students as we can offer admission, and we take applications for… I don’t know, maybe ten times as many students as we interview. Almost all our applicants are fine students, most of them are excellent students, and our job is to pick the most excellent among the excellent. Moreover, the applicants have only twenty to twenty-five minutes on their side, while interviewers have to spend hours interviewing students back-to-back, and to be as fresh and open to the last applicant as to the first.

That was yesterday, all day, apart from a brief walk for the dogs.

Today I have nothing particular timetabled (apart from my morning two miles, coffee!, Morning Prayer, walking the wee duggies). The dogs will get more attention, I hope to do some reading, perhaps odds and ends around the house, and to just plain wind down. Margaret has arrived safely, and is getting stuck in and running errands. Minke and Flora are adjusting to having a grumpy old man as solo caregiver rather than the gracious, loving, beatiful woman who’s usually their shepherd (dogherd).

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