Advent Carols and Interviewing

Last night’s Advent Carols service went beautifully. It was my first ‘on’ service at St Helen’s (I read a lesson, led some responses and said the Advent Collect) — nothing complicated, but it gave me a chance to walk around the platform of the nave altar, turn my lavalier mic on and off (awkward, but possible), try out my speaking voice with the stationary mic and the lavalier, and so on. The readings, the music, the prayers, the actions all went well. People were heartened, and Advent got off to a harmonious start.

The only problem was that on the way to church, in the dark, carrying cassock, surplice, hood, and black stole/scarf, in drifting drizzle, I dropped my preaching scarf along the way and didn’t notice till I began vesting for the service. Luckily, nobody made off with it through the evening, and I could pick it up — sodden and dirty — on my way home. It appears to me that some TLC will restore it to its usual appearance.

And today, having run my miles in light rain (6°), said morning prayer, had coffee and grapes for breakfast, and catching up on some odds and ends, I will spend all day (saving a lunch break) interviewing applicants to Oxford. It’s good to meet them, but I will definitely look forward to dinnertime.

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