Diminished Nest

I made my run this morning; the weather has turned warmer, at least for a day, and my fingers and toes did not go numb, or prickle and burn. My pace was moderate, and I arrived home almost comfortably. I’ll have another cup of coffee and a crumpet before church, take the dogs for a walk, and after church will hack away at some unfinished work.

The house is half, or a quarter (depending on how you count), emptier this morning. Margaret left yesterday on some family business, and that leaves our new home hollower. and ties my day more closely to Minke and Flora, who need a lot of attention. It will be a good thing when we’re back together.

2 thoughts on “Diminished Nest

  1. I notice that I just don’t do as well in my home when my pattern is away as she was this past week. A little sadder, slower, less complete and not quite myself.

    I’m a relationship of 33+ years, well more than half my life now, we have grown into each other so completely that separation feels like an uncomfortable lean off balance. Not fatal, but I’m amazed how quickly the loneliness creeps in.

    It was nice when she came home on Wednesday.

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