On Our Own

The [canine] ladies and I bid Margaret goodbye this morning at 5:00. It’s rainy, so I think I won’t try to run. I’ll make a hot breakfast, go to Morning Prayer, come back to calm the ladies, go to Chapter Meeting, come back, I hope, to check in with the ladies, then make the two-long-bus-ride trip to Church House again for an interview with Bishop Gavin, and head home at rush hour, which will prolong the interval till my arrival and stress the ladies — but that’s how ecclesiastical life goes. When I get home I’ll take them for a walk, then hunker down for the evening. I’ll have an essay to mark — heaven permitting, it will be in before I leave for Oxford, so I can mark on the bus — and make my lap available for anxious dogs, disappointed that Margaret isn’t there for them.

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