Days Running

I ran both yesterday and today, two miles, yesterday proceeding to R&R for coffee after Morning Prayer. We then made our way to HSBC to open a new account, into which we can deposit cheques from US sources (a difficulty with TSB, which seems actively to be discouraging people from banking with them these days). Today we don’t have that sort of excitement in view; I’ll make a couple of Zoom calls and devote the rest of my time to a funeral sermon, and Margaret has business in Oxford.

One of the peculiar feelings attendant on Holly’s death involves my being the last living witness to the early life in our family. Dad died, Mom, now Holly, and of everything from the time we spent together, all eighteen years or so, I’m the only one who knows. I can’t say to anyone, ‘Say, remember when…’ or ‘Was it this way or that?’ Especially for someone as non-memorious as I, that’s a disorienting feeling.

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