Commuting Thursday of Seventh

Had a wee lie-in this morning, but woke in time to run my two miles. Fruit and coffee breakfast, cleaned up, Morning Prayer, the X3 bus to Oxford, coffee, next-to-last tutorial of the year, lunch at Oriel, home to the ladies, whom I fed.

On my walk to Oriel, I had a moment of frustrated confusion; I couldn’t find the SPT ticket wallet that I use for keeping my Bod Card and my Oxon Old Age bus pass, patting my pockets furiously, emptying one pocket into another, checking again… and as I was so doing, a flock of Korean tourists streamed down Oriel Street.

Map of Glasgow Subway such as features on aforementioned ticket wallet

Something about me — perhaps my look? perhaaps just the oddity oif seeing a beardy clergyman in sunglasses? — excited them, and suddenly a dozen or so tourists were surrounding me, asking for photos. If you spot a sketchy-looking priest in a straw hat and sunglasses (with Korean tourists) when you’re browsing the internet sometime in the future… that may be me?

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