Another Sermon Day

My morning run started slow, but I got into a good rhythm on Park Road and thought I would stretch out my run a little bit, maybe draw it close to two and a half miles, so I crossed Stratton Way and ran east to Stert, ran down to St Nic’s, turned down East St Helen’s, and reconnected wtih my usual route at church. When I got home and remembered to look up the exact extra mileage, it turned out to be almost exactly the same distance as my usual route. It was just the unfamiliarity of the route that engendered the intuition that it would be longer. Oh well, two more miles in the book of life.

Margaret and I sat in the sun and took lunch at the Riverside Café, which was lovely; then we meandered back to town, and enjoyed a leisurely round at the King’s Head and Bell. As we were leaving the pub, a gent from another table (Margaret and I both thought he looked like Jason Momoa) stopped me and said, ‘Hey, man, I really like your look!’ So there’s that.

Now to bang away at tomorrow’s sermon…

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