Mystery to Me

I felt better this morning — it was 5°, clear, and my limbs were loose and mostly strong (I had some early twinges in my knees, but they faded quickly), and the same 9:59 as yesterday (short course again).


I felt as though I was tight, not really opening up or stretching at all, and the air was crisp-cold and my breathing was laboured, but the timer says 10:05 (though is is approximate due to some wrong-button-mashing).

Back on the Pavement

After making much of my week’s daily runs, I missed the last three days due to (a) a short holiday in Wells and (b) pure rubbish weather plus a late-ish sleep yesterday morning. This morning, on four hours sleep due to a late night at Oriel, cold and dry weather, I ran 10:24.

Seven In A Row

About four years ago (?), I began skipping rope in the mornings. At first, I just went through the motions — simply turning the rope over my head and jumping once or twice exhausted me. I skipped roped a few times a week, and gradually got to the point of doing a fair amount of…

Pre-Check-Up Day

I’m going to the GP this morning after Morning Prayer for a look into my ear, which has been popping ever since the holidays. I flew with a head cold, and the ascent out of Indianapolis caused me agonising pain. Since then, the ear has been mostly all right, but has unpredictably popped, making vowels…

Another Surprise

I took some extra time limbering up this morning, which paid off. I felt much more loose-limbed than I did yesterday morning. The temperature is all right, about 11°, but the winds are strong and gusty — some steps, I felt as though I were being pushed backward. Still, it must have provided a less…

Back To Work

I gave myself yesterday morning off, but it’s against my new rule of running that I take two consecutive mornings off. So I’m back to my mile this morning, however chilly the weather. It felt as though I were running through waist-deep treacle. 4°, breezes (including an unwelcome headwind on the Cowley Road), 10:42.