Another Sighting

Face of Jesus Seen on Crucifix!

The Rev. Mosely Baskerwithe summoned reporters, photographers, best-selling novelists, and some parishioners to annouce that, in his words, “I suddenly noticed that one of the statues in St. Euphrasia’s Church bore a miraculous resemblance to Jesus — or at least, to Jim Cazeviel. . . .”

He noted that since this astonishing event, he’s observed that many of the windows, sculptural ornaments, and paintings in the church bear an uncanny resemblance to Jesus, too.

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2 Responses to Another Sighting

  1. RageBoy says:

    That’s funny. I just found a french fry in my McDonald’s order that looks exactly like Richard Dawkins!

  2. Richard says:

    haha! Rev. Mosely Baskerwithe has had too much viewing of the passion of the christ. hahaha.

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