Joe’s Geese

Originally uploaded by AKMA.

As I promised, I’ve uploaded some images from the catalogue of the exhibition in which my mom’s, grandmother’s, and grandfather’s works appear. I don’t have the time, just this week, to work out high-quality scans — but the catalogue industry is probably just as happy. This is my mother’s photograph from the exhibition; you can find my grandfather’s etching, my grandmother’s painting, and the newspaper story at my Flickr site.

And Jeanne has been working on a Flickr archive for Kindred, where you can go to for a glimpse into her life with Jeanne and Gail.

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2 Responses to Fulfilled

  1. I recall this image, or one very much like it, at the Gilley Museum here in Southwest Harbor eight or ten years ago. I remember being struck by the image/ground thing going on.


  2. Katrin says:

    Such a nice picture!!!!

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