Emptier Nest

Margaret and Pippa took off this morning for their summer vacation with east-coast family, from which Margaret will fly directly south to begin her next academic year at Duke. Si will be home with me for a few more weeks, but (especially since Si spends so much time at work and away with Laura) the house feels pretty empty. I have tons of tasks to do: my presentation on education for the Christianity and Anarchism conference, the Catholic Biblical Association meeting, and now the panel discussion on “Discovery Tools: Replanting the Tree of Knowledge” at the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s Top Management Roundtable.

Oh, and a book, course prep, and so on.

It’s awfully quiet around here.

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One Response to Emptier Nest

  1. Dorothea says:

    You know to buzz me if you want any help with the SSP thing, right?

    And if Margaret ever should come up to DC for a weekend or whatever, I’d be happy to provide crash space (can’t do much better than that; wish I could!) and companionship.

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