Emptier Nest

Margaret and Pippa took off this morning for their summer vacation with east-coast family, from which Margaret will fly directly south to begin her next academic year at Duke. Si will be home with me for a few more weeks, but (especially since Si spends so much time at work and away with Laura) the house feels pretty empty. I have tons of tasks to do: my presentation on education for the Christianity and Anarchism conference, the Catholic Biblical Association meeting, and now the panel discussion on “Discovery Tools: Replanting the Tree of Knowledge” at the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s Top Management Roundtable.

Oh, and a book, course prep, and so on.

It’s awfully quiet around here.

One thought on “Emptier Nest

  1. You know to buzz me if you want any help with the SSP thing, right?

    And if Margaret ever should come up to DC for a weekend or whatever, I’d be happy to provide crash space (can’t do much better than that; wish I could!) and companionship.

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