Jesus Shaves

One of the benefits of having two professors in the family comes when we read to one another from the answers on the exams we give. For instance: this morning I learned about the story from Luke’s Gospel in which the disciples doubt that Jesus has really come back from death — so they reach out and touch his beard.

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5 Responses to Jesus Shaves

  1. Jennifer says:

    Speaking of… My favorite line from an essay this spring was “Jesus saves: whether one is Christian, human, or other.”

  2. Phil H. says:

    Isn’t this what makes marking survivable?

    Quite a while back a student provided this answer to a test question:


    Identify and discuss the significance of the four “common denominators” (or central concerns) of second-temple Judaism.

    (Answer should be things like: monotheism, temple, election / land, covenant / torah.)

    Part of the answer on one test:

    “Second temple Judeans also believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

  3. AKMA says:

    Phil, from your set-up I was anticipating, “Half, thirds, quarters, and eighths….”

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  5. raisin says:

    Thanks for making me nearly spit coffee all over my keyboard!

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