Online Ecology

Frank and Judith are participating in the SuperEco blogging community-venture — this is the sort of thing we used to cobble together back in early days (BlogTank FTW!), and it’s great to see them putting the experience of those communities to work toward encouraging more ecological consciousness. Cheers, SuperEco!

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3 Responses to Online Ecology

  1. judith says:

    hey akma – thanks for the shout out! we’ve been laboring away at filling ‘super eco’ with tons of appropriate content – news, features, how-tos, glossary items, and ‘comparators’. hoping all is well in your world right now too … cheers! judith

  2. fp says:

    There’s a great team of writers at work there, AKMA. Thanks for the link!

  3. Hey AKMA,
    Glad you like super eco.

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