… Except Real

I’ve already passed this along on Facebook, but it must also be redistributed via blog (Magrey de Vega, husband of the quick-witted Jessica T. de Vega, both my former students, called it to my attention in the first place). This is the Next Big Thing in digerati jokes, memes, and general merriment.
As I said on Facebook, “Keep watching — the fun doesn’t end with the first appearance of the cardboard bear.”

For the indefinite future, expect to hear internet-savvy humorists to say things such as, “This is what a national health policy looks like — except real.” Or, “This is what a politician with integrity looks like — except real.”

10 thoughts on “… Except Real

  1. If it weren’t for the logo in the corner I would have thought “Ah, The Onion!”

  2. Mark, there’s a Historical Jesus angle in here somewhere.
    “This is what an itinerant Galilean miracle-worker would have looked like — except real!”

  3. Brilliant, AKMA. Now I’m thinking, “Where can I get a life-sized Jesus cut-out for Ascension Sunday?”

  4. Yeah, AKMA, the chipmunk being interviewed was perfect. Intended humor? I hope so! It was wondrous funny.

  5. Michelle’s family is from Cleveland.

    Our favorite news stories are “loose bear” stories.

    And who doesn’t like to mock Fox?

    We’ll call this an early birthday present.

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