Limp Cuffs

I’ve been to two cleaners in my neighborhood already, and neither of them offered the option of starching my collars and cuffs. What’s with that?

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2 Responses to Limp Cuffs

  1. Mom says:

    These days no one irons, but seeing as you have reason to need this, when you are in the US for Christmas, you or your delegate could get one of the small travel irons and some spray starch (actually you couldn’t bring that back on the plane). Ask a nice priest what he/she does.

  2. Judy Redman says:

    I would be really surprised if you couldn’t buy both an iron and spray starch in Glasgow. :-) Does the laudromat that you use offer a washing service as well as DYI? If so, they may do collars and cuffs.

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