Paging the Doctor….

Night before last, I dreamt that I was at a party — a relatively calm, grown-up party — and hey, it was very cool, Dooce was there! And before you know it, Marlo (who had developed the capacity to walk upright) scooted into a gap between two structures, a passage so narrow that I couldn’t run after her to catch her lest she get lost. But Dooce came up and I was able to point to where you could see Marlo silhouetted, prancing around at the far end of the passage.
The dream ended then, while I was trying to figure out whether it was more wonderful to have met Dooce or more disappointing that I’m no longer as skinny as I once was.

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2 Responses to Paging the Doctor….

  1. Mom says:

    Neither am I but I’ll bet I win the “Looks like a Buddha” contest!

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