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Two Of Three

I’ve preached each of the last two Sundays, and I’ll be preaching again next Sunday, too (but don’t worry, pulpits are safe from me the Sunday after). Last Sunday I was at St Aidan’s, Clarkston (where I’ll be next week), … Continue reading

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Remembering Bloody Friday

I wanted to post something on 31 January, but it slipped past me — so on the subsequent Friday, I’m putting up this note to commemorate Bloody Friday, when 92 years ago, labourers and sympathisers gathered in George Square to … Continue reading

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Not Quite Idle Question, Again

The University here is seeking instances of “impact,” by which they seem to mean “when innocent civilians [not students or other academics] show that they’ve noticed and been affected by what you do.” This is a topic about which I … Continue reading

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If The Candle Sees Its Shadow

I’m not sure whether there are groundhogs in the UK, so I don’t know whether to tell winter’s duration by a subterranean rodent or a flickering light source. Either way, there are no shadows visible in Glasgow this morning, so … Continue reading

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