Not Quite Idle Question, Again

The University here is seeking instances of “impact,” by which they seem to mean “when innocent civilians [not students or other academics] show that they’ve noticed and been affected by what you do.” This is a topic about which I don’t usually think, so readers of this blog might be best situated to remind me: Have I (or my works) appeared in public discourse recently? My colleague Werner Jeanrond mentioned that a prominent Swedish ecclesiastical figure had been quoted to the effect that he was reading Werner’s A Theology of Love in preparation for a wedding in the Swedish royal family; that apparently count as an example of “impact.” Once again — granted that no princes or duchesses are keeping up-to-date with the works of an obscure Americo-Hibernian hermeneutician — has somebody alluded to me, or used (for instance) my blog or one of my photos (in a non-academic setting), or otherwise demonstrated my influence on the outside world? When I last asked, I noted the LibriVox project; I might also have cited the Slashdottedinformation highwayman” incident. More recent would better, though. And if anyone felt motivated to make a big fuss about me in public (in a non-academic context!), this would be a convenient time.

3 thoughts on “Not Quite Idle Question, Again

  1. I imagine this isn’t public enough, but I’ve certainly been influenced by you in the way I read and use the Bible as well as in the way I think about hermeneutics and communication in general.

    I’ve recommended your Krazy Kat lecture to people more than once and it has been well received.

    I’ve also tried to correct some misuses of the term “postmodern” within the context of biblical interpretation based on your work in What is Postmodern Biblical Criticism?

  2. This seems to cry out for the type of self-promotion for which we Americans are known. Surely church work and influence counts in some form, as do your various technological projects. How is impact in this arena measured? Search engine hits? Is it only the you, Biblical scholar, that matters, or does the you, preacher and technologist, also count?

  3. I am reading this blog in nova scotia Canada. I stumbled on your
    Blog as it made a websites list of top 50 theology blogs. So I guess you can say that your site does get some exposure. Thanks for doing it.

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