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Meet The Parkers

I blogged a few weeks ago about the Parker 51s that I had recently encountered. I intended at the time to post some photos, but I didn’t have a tripod, and I hadn’t figured out the lighting here, and several … Continue reading

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Light, Sweet, and Not Crude

See whether you can find forty-five minutes out of your day to listen to Bill Nighy performing in A L Kennedy’s radio play ‘Love Love above alike the Beatles’, available for listening online till Monday, and — for the next … Continue reading

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Give Back

I’m thinking hard about what I want to say to the web’s great giver, Michael O’Connor Clarke, who’s in the hospital being treated for esophageal cancer, an especially cruel flavour of that toxic affliction. If you’ve heard of HoHoTo. there’s … Continue reading

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Well, Alright

This morning I opened an email from someone who professed admiration for and interest in my blog — which is a good start, although that’s often the sign of a request for a link exchange, ‘maybe this would be of … Continue reading

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Feature Request

Let’s come out and say it: Developers have gratified users’ fascination with using different typefaces, but have not made it easy to control the results. A vigilant designer can deploy styles carefully so as to assure that changes can go … Continue reading

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I’m The Guy

Before Rube Goldberg was known for the cartoons of contraptions for getting simple things done with complicated mechanisms, he popularised the slogan ‘I’m the guy that put the…’ often (but not always) followed by a geographical pun. The most obvious, … Continue reading

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A Cry For Help

In last year’s Bible intro course, one of the essay options invited students to compare Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ to the biblical source texts (they also had other choices, in case ‘Hallelujah’ didn’t appeal to them). That was a runaway success … Continue reading

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Very Boring, To Be Honest

I don’t want to let my daily-posting pattern sip right after getting started again, so I’m putting up a very tedious post that mostly just says that instead of finishing the book review that I was supposed to polish off … Continue reading

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Father’s Day….


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*Puff, Puff* (Dust Cloud)

Is it more to the point to say ‘It’s a good thing that I preach from time to time, since that gives me an occasion to update the blog’ or ‘Guess it really shows how lazy you’ve gotten about updating … Continue reading

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Noted In Passing

Jared Gardner’s article from The Comics Journal (an excerpt from a new book) hits two of my favourite topics: comics and the New Criticism. The New Critics brought numerous aspects of reading well into focus, not least by the controversies … Continue reading

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What’s Going On?

Yesterday I had occasion to talk with a colleague about what my research and writing plans, and since that’s easier to write about in my blog than are the various other topics I might address, I’ll take a minute to … Continue reading

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