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Just To Remember

Sonnet 73 That time of year thou mayst in me behold When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang Upon those boughs which shake against the cold, Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang. In me thou … Continue reading

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If you try to understand hermeneutics in order to control interpretations, you will neither control interpretations nor understand hermeneutics. If all you want to do is to understand interpretations, your hermeneutics can reach deep and explain much. Your hermeneutics won’t … Continue reading

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O Felix Serpens

Daniel posted his Mountain Goats talk, so I’ll join in with mine (as distinct from the longer article on tMG from several years ago): O Felix Serpens Genesis 3 in Recent Songs of John Darnielle A K M Adam St … Continue reading

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Turner Network

Our dear friend Gary Turner used to be famous online for his manic comic inventiveness, which he sometimes expressed in new-media stunts such as posting messages left on his phone-answering machine, colourful interviews, Blogtank organising, and photoshopped pictures of his … Continue reading

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Question Concerning Technology and Religion

A slightly more readable presentation of my article from the Journal of Lutheran Ethics. I’m fussy about appearances, as you probably know, and this looks better to my eye than the san-serif column of type at JLE. That’s all for … Continue reading

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Jamie Lawrence Mitchell

Last Friday night, a friend of mine from more than ten years ago died. Jamie had been undergoing a series of surgeries to treat his heart. He had begun the process with confidence and bluster that we would have expected … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry, Cambridge

As I was going over the last round of edits to this morning’s sermon, I realised that the conclusion wanted a place name, a place name near to Oxford and recognisable as forming an improbable match for our fair city. … Continue reading

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Friday’s Devotion

Last Friday I led our weekly Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, so I prepared a devotion for the service. As it was St Ignatius of Antioch, I composed the devotion as a pastiche of passages (and some paraphrase) from Ignatius’s … Continue reading

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Rough Injustice

Several weeks ago, the Executive Board of General Theological Seminary fired eight members of the teaching staff, patently construing their legal work stoppage as “resignation.” Since then the leadership of the Episcopal Church has opted not to intervene (although GTS … Continue reading

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Embarrassed By Improbability

My Baltimore Orioles are about to play in the American League Divisonal Playoffs tonight, and the experts say that their opponents — the Detroit Tigers — should win the series. That’s OK with me; I never expected the Orioles to … Continue reading

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Context For My Dissent

Margaret and I were having a talk this afternoon wherein I paused a couple of times, on the verge of saying something about “context.” I paused, because as I was talking, the term “context”sounded flat and arbitrary; who, after all, … Continue reading

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Thir’s Been A Spoose On His Ane

I’m on my own tonight, so — of course — I’m watching Taggart.

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